Russian Women

Here’s the biggest challenge: maintaining it. By now you’ve probably been through various interracial dating agencies, internet-based dating agencies, and a variety of dating in and out of the country. Never let your efforts go to waste. Make sure your love is a guardian.

Here are the forms.

Marriage Green Card

Forget everything you learned from the dating site or dating agency you signed up with. Once you are together, it is up to you both to work on your compatibility. Start over and explore everything about the other as if they had never communicated before.

Do not compare her with other women, Western or Russian. Acknowledge the fact that she is her only self. There may be things about her that are different, maybe even strange. But sit back and you can see that these are the things you miss the most when you are not together.

Learn a little about her history. His way of thinking and his attitude are marked by grievances, difficulties, celebrations and experiences that his nation and his people have had in the past. If you try hard, you can find fascinating things about your country and your ancestors. Over time, you will be able to understand how and why he thinks that way.

Understand their traditions. By understanding the tradition in which your Russian wife grew up, you can determine the things that she would find beautiful, interesting, and offensive. You should know that Russian women are conservative and do not open easily to sensitive topics such as sex. She is reserved and reserved, thus revealing her inner self to only a select few. If you are sensitive to her nature, she will appreciate you more.

Try to learn the language from her. Or at least learn to say “I love you” in Russian. In this way, you create the impression that you are willing to do small, simple and sweet things for her. Doing so also communicates that you are ready for a committed relationship that could actually result in a walk down the hall.

Find out what motivates you. Be careful. Get visual clues of what surprises you. When you see her face light up, take note of what just happened or what she just saw. If you keep doing the things that you love, you will surely regain that love.

Stick to your wife. This is perhaps the best advice you can take. There is no excuse for cheating. And cheats are not worthy of being forgiven. The Russian woman, like any other woman of any descent, values ​​honesty above all else. Without honesty, there can be no trust. Without trust, there can be no relationship.

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