Refrigerator Leaking

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How to fix a leaky refrigerator?
How to fix a leaky refrigerator?

The first thing to do is find out where the leak is coming from. See if any of the following solutions fix the problem.

Check if the container is full

The water collected during defrosting goes to the drain pan, which is usually located near the bottom of a refrigerator. If the appliance is not balanced, water may come out of the pot.

water damage restoration

Try rocking the refrigerator very slowly to see if it is out of balance. If it is easy to move, then it is not balanced. You can easily level it by screwing the feet up or down until it is balanced. Note that the ground must also be level. Relocate equipment if necessary.

Check to see if the leak is coming from inside, behind the cookies.


Water accumulated during defrosting can pass through a pipe inside the appliance. This tube goes into a drain underneath the crisper drawers. Remove the cupcakes to see if the water is leaking from this drain. If there is a puddle of water here, it probably means there is a clog in the drain.


You can try to unblock the drain with a plumbing snake (sold in hardware stores). Insert it into the drain, push it in until it meets the socket, and turn it clockwise. Take it out and repeat this process until the hoof is removed. Try pouring hot water down the drain to see if it’s not clogged.

If your refrigerator has pipes, check the water connections


If your refrigerator has a water dispenser connected to a plumbing system, the leak may be coming from the water line connections. These vary by model. Follow the instructions in the user manual of your appliance to see how and where the connections are. If you cannot find the manual, please download it here with the model number of your product. Check that these connections are in place correctly and without obstructions.

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