Teeth Whitening Kaiser Permanente

Professional whitening treatments are designed to be as safe and effective as possible. In-office tooth whitening and at-home tooth whitening, in conjunction with an ongoing dental hygiene regimine, can give you a brighter smile for years to come. To make the tooth whitening trays, patients will visitGermantown Dental Groupto have a mold of their teeth taken. Unfortunately, the material these restorations are made out of is impervious to even professional teeth whitening.
This procedure is called chair -side bleaching and usually requires only one 30- to 60-minute office visit. T o protect your gums, the dentist will apply either a protective gel or a rubber shield. Another in-office option is “power bleaching,” which uses concentrated solutions of hydrogen peroxide in water. There are many products and techniques available for patients who want to achieve a brighter smile, and with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the method that is right for you. Those who have undergone teeth whitening with the KöR Whitening system have reported that the whitening gel produces little to no tooth sensitivity.
This is a cosmetic procedure, so most dental insurance plans do not cover it on the typical policy. This procedure is most effective on yellowing teeth, but people who have teeth showing darker tones should first get a consultation with the dentist. White & Brite™ whitener, the first at-home tooth whitening system, is available in 10%, 16%, 22% and 30% carbamide peroxide strength kits. dentiste à Longueuil , Express Kits, Touch-Up Twin Packs in various strengths, and single syringe packages in 30% strength also offer a wide array of professional options for any patient’s tooth whitening needs. The FDA states that “bleaching” is allowed to be used when the teeth are able to be whitened beyond their natural color. Products that contain bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide are included in this category.
Each ingredient is deemed safe and effective to use at lower percentages, but at higher percentages, they can cause gum tissue damage or an increase rate of tooth sensitivity. “I haven’t bleached my teeth for at least three years and they whitened quickly. I used them for seven days without sensitivity and with much whiter teeth. They adhere REALLY well which is a bonus.” —Arline K. This kit includes a pre-rinse that helps prime your smile for the whitening toothpaste, plus an accelerator, and activating rods that follow. This bundle is designed to work fast, with clear results visible in just a single use. This is because the pulp chamber, or nerve of the tooth, is enlarged until this age. Tooth whitening under this condition could irritate the pulp or cause it to become sensitive.
The two main products used for teeth whitening are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Unlike a whitening toothpaste that uses an abrasive ingredient to mechanically remove surface-level stains, the oxygen molecules within these whitening agents weaken your tooth stains on a molecular level. The cosmetics industry is chockfull of serums and gadgets galore promising beautifying results. While before and after transformations aren’t always guaranteed, the best teeth whitening products can offer serious results—done yourself, no dentist required!

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